I Want Peace

One day life came knocking at my door…



Have you ever met anybody who does not want success and prosperity in his or her life? It is a goal which every soul wants to achieve. Irrespective of age, race, gender and occupation, it is one of the basic requirements of all of us. We use different approaches and methods to achieve this goal bur most of us remain dissatisfied and discontented at the end, reason being major flaws in the ways or means to achieve it.


A four step program is given in Vedas to achieve success in life. The steps are commitment, eligibility, progress and faith. Let us take them one by one. The first step to follow is commitment. It is the basic and the most important step as it is the foundation of the whole process. We should think twice before we commit to something but once the commitment has been made, it should be fulfilled, come what may!


I have worked in many reputed multinational companies having turnover in billions of dollars. I have noticed that the key behind successful companies is that they always follow the truth while dealing with their customers. The always live up to the promises they make. The services they commit to in the beginning are provided without any flaws. In case of any discrepancy they never hesitate to feel sorry for their mistakes and to offer a better deal to the customer. The other day I was reading about one of the world’s richest men. He says that I never give any instructions to the CEO’s of my companies except letting them know that they need to fulfill the promises they made with their share-holders and customers. His advice to them is – never let a single penny of a customer go waste.


The surprising fact is that we always perform our best at our jobs but the same ‘we’, once home, lack all the enthusiasm and commitments made to our family, society and most importantly to ourselves. I know it is not an easy task but to achieve something we have to make efforts. We have to realize the importance of discipline in life. We have to become hardworking and vigilant all the time. We have to stop looking at the small immediate goals; rather shift our focus to the ultimate success, which we can achieve by following discipline.


Following discipline and pledging to live up to our commitments, we automatically attain eligibility for maintaining high standards of thoughts and living. We think before we speak, we say only that which we mean and we do the things that we have said.


On reaching this elevated state, we progress in leaps and bounds towards our goals. Contentment ensues and we lead regulated and stress-free lives. Every action that we take is measured and our life becomes symbolic of purity and happiness. This is what true success means.


When one has had a taste of success, one’s faith in the methods of achieving it becomes firm. It is one thing to hear or read about success and a totally different matter to achieve it. Only practical experience can make us understand that it is the righteous path that can bestow everlasting success and prosperity in life – the path of discipline and truth. This path sometimes seems longer compared to shortcuts that people seem to be taking these days to achieve short-lived success, but it is the path that promises to lead to success – pure, uncontaminated success that will bring peaceful joy!



Vraten deekshaamaapnoti deekshayaapnoti dakshinaam

Dakshina shraddhaamaapnoti shraddhayaa satyamaapyat


- YajurVed (19.30)


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