I Want Peace

One day life came knocking at my door…



We wake up each morning feeling like we could sleep some more, hear the minutes ticking away, get ready, have some breakfast, deal with the same or slightly different problems at work and home and work through our daily routine in an almost automated manner. The mundane mechanism of our life has programmed our mindsets to take things for granted.


For instance, how many times have we woken up and thought “Today, if I’m fired from work, this is what I’m going to do” or “Just in case something happens to me tomorrow, this is what I’m going to advise my partner before-hand!”


It is true that we often adopt the same approach towards our life partners. It is said love is the time when two people discover something new about each other every day. Once commitments are made, the quest to discover stops. We start to feel that we know this other person well enough now and start to take him or her for granted.


We stop taking the time to thank them for their gestures, thinking “Aren’t they supposed to be doing this anyway”; we don’t notice those little specialities in her anymore that were the reason she fit in so perfectly with us; we don’t admire his gentle attitude any longer which was why he meant so much to us.


It’s amazing how soon humans forget! The little joys and happiness that once illuminated our lives cease to be a pleasure very soon. It’s all about accomplishing a milestone e.g. getting someone to commit to you, and after that, we become oblivious once again of all the wonders of the person. We attune our minds to the other person’s existence and fail to understand their real importance in our lives. Our partners just become a fixture in our lives and start to go unnoticed for days, months and then even years.


We’ve seen and heard families breaking, spouses splitting apart and partners saying goodbye forever, as a result of seemingly trivial misunderstandings. This happens because they have started to take the other person for granted. The greatnesses of each other start to go unnoticed and the insignificant human errors start to seem inflated in each other’s presence.


If we continue to thank our destinies for giving us someone in life to go to, someone to share our joys and sorrows with, someone who has been a solace for us, we will be able to derive constant happiness from what we have. Humans instead, think it’s time to move on because their partner fails to surprise them any more. This is a mark of ingratitude. After moving on, such a person will still not feel satisfied because they will start to take their new surroundings for granted again and those “exciting” novelties will again appear dull and drab. Then, time to move on again?


Well, life is too short to take things for granted. Every moment is to be savoured to its full glory; each day is to be thanked for the little “mercies”; There needs to be constant awareness of the importance of someone in our life, regardless of how long she or he has been with us and you will find then that the things that once made you “click”, will always keep clicking to your heart’s contentment.


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