I Want Peace

One day life came knocking at my door…



Ahh! The Forbidden Fruit!

Nothing looks more pleasing.

Jewels abound, gold is plenty

But in the mind are breezing

Thoughts and images

Of the forbidden fruit.


No! Close your eyes, it is taboo

To leave it alone is astute


But why this hubbub?

It is just an object among all others

Why the cross, the red mark

Separating it from its brothers?


This “Why”... this important word

Before being taught – just an instinct

Leads to fruits – both sweet and bitter

And also to the most succinct


The juiciest of all must be this forbidden one!

It holds promises, it looks the best

Dangerous? I look away

But it is etched in my mind .. ahh yes!


It deserves a test.. Stop! Too late!

Alas, human nature – “go-get it” attitude

The frenzy of treading on unknown lands,

To sophisticated from crude.


The “why” of this and the “how” of that

Has its own good reasons, by the way

“Forbidden” deserves an explanation

Logic needs to have a say.


To hypothesize and to interpret

To ponder, wonder and experiment

To love… nay, to live these words

Grey-mattered humans indeed were sent


Why just “Forbidden.”

I am tempted to ask

Make it “Forbidden because..”

And we might conquer the task!

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