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Forgive us our Sins?

Vedas direct us to seek God’s company and to pray to Him. Why is it necessary to pray to God though? That is because He is the one who pardons our sins! Does that mean our sins can be pardoned? Well, read on to find out which type of sins can really be pardoned.


There are three points where we can commit sins. It is possible (actually, certain!) that we have committed sins in the past. There are certain mistakes that we are committing in the present times. There is probability that we will be making mistakes in the life to come.


The mistakes that have already been committed or are presently being committed cannot be undone. They say, “Life is drawing without an eraser”. So, whatever has been done cannot be forgiven. God would not be fair if he started pardoning anyone’s sins already committed. There are misconceptions that if you take a dip in the pure water of the river Ganges, your sins of this life and even the past births will be destroyed. If this had been the case, what would be the need for prisons and jails? Shouldn’t the inmate be taken to the holy water and asked to bathe in it instead.


If we think logically, it’s only fair that the mistakes already made should be accounted for. Unlike popular thinking, God does not forgive our sins but protects us from committing them in the future. He is also known (in Samskit) as Hari (pronounced: hurry). The word has been derived from the root word ‘Haran’ which means ‘to take away’. The name ‘Hari’ can apply to various situations and therefore, the interpretation should be watched carefully. For example, a thief takes away objects and can be addressed as Hari; a monkey snatches things and is also called Hari.


Vedas use hundreds of names for God based on his qualities and actions. Hari is one of them. When we pray to God using this name, we request him to deliver us from sins that we might commit in the future due to our limited knowledge. We pray that He inspire us at every step to take the right decision in life so that we do not have to succumb to the harsh results of our mistakes.


If we pray well and in the proper method, God certainly protects us from making mistakes by giving us the right decision whenever we are at crossroads. His inspiration is always is always guiding the pure mind. We sometimes feel like a divine force is directing us towards a decision. Here, however, we need to guard against taking the wrong decision in the name of “God’s inspiration”. God’s advice will always be something that can be validated through the Vedas. For instance, when we think that our heart is being inspired by God to trick someone in order to overcome the difficulty we are faced with, it is a totally wrong judgement. The voice we are hearing at that time is our own which we consider to be an easy escape in the situation. In doing so, we suppress the actual suggestion that is being given by God. The former suggestion coming from our own minds is completely against the word of the Vedas which tell us in numerous ways that we should avoid falsehood and practice honesty. God’s answer to our prayers will always be in total conformity with the Vedas. In essence, the decisions that lead to the feelings of fear, doubt, shame, anger are not God’s advice but our own negative thoughts.


It is true nevertheless, that true prayers are always answered and our mistakes can always be avoided as a result of the strength, purity and mental power granted by God. He gives us the ability and takes away our negativities and that’s the reason why we pray to Him.

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