I Want Peace

One day life came knocking at my door…


From Darkness to light

When I was just a little child

Had a temperament so mild

Darkness only meant to me

‘Lights off’ – when nothing I could see


 When I grew up and went to school

Learnt new things, followed the rule –

They said darkness is something more

Something dull and dreary and sore


When some stories and novels I read

Of children, of relations, of living, of dead

I realized darkness is that state

When there’s misfortune in one’s fate


 When all my knowledge got integrated

And I could think vastly, unlimited and unabated

I saw darkness as an ignoble situation

Negative thoughts, stumped progress, a deplorable condition


All around me darkness was present

In the minds, in hearts, in future, in present

I resolved to steer away from darkness

Away from pain, sufferings and stress


I tried to be happy, I tried to understand

The agony of the child, woman and man

I set out to bring a smile on a face

To love and to care, to hug and to embrace



I shall show them the path towards light

Help them get their feet set right

In the direction of light and bliss

Perfect happiness, nothing amiss


Perhaps, it sounds like a hollow dream

To some, impractical it may seem

But tell me, have you ever had the time

To hear the clock tick and chime


Ah! The answer stares at you –

To appreciate light, you have moments so few

Light is enveloping all around you

If only to darkness, you bid adieu


In the world itself, there’s heaven and hell

God’s with you, you can surely tell

Come let’s resolve to be happy

Don’t be fickle or dwindling or flappy


Make your values and stick to them

Don’t grumble, complain, argue and condemn

Everyone knows what is right

Away from darkness towards the light


We only need to open our eyes

Light is within, try to realise

Move steadily with all your might

Away from darkness towards the light


Don’t let anything hold you back

Pick up the virtues which you lack

God is benevolent, so you’ll get what’s right

You’ll reach that joy within your sight


Think right, act right, move right

And from darkness you’ll reach light

Yes, away from darkness, towards the light!


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