I Want Peace

One day life came knocking at my door…


Her Musings of Longing

The load on her sagging back spoke of her saga

And became her; the dew on her brow brought forth

More determination and décor


Her sigh held trapped desires

And her throbbing breath longed

To savor the delicious glory, draped in luxury

To drink in the entwined merriment


Her blazing eyes lapped up the tall structures –

Lavish promise-land on road – golden to her imagination

With treasures within


Her ageing hands fumbled to rearrange the weight

And the touch of coarseness cascaded her


With velvet thoughts of satiny curtains, cushy carpets

Ever-so fragrant homes where cool breeze

Through the open window caressed the cheek and time

Was aplenty to bask in the delicacies of life

Charming children laughed with their canaries


Took her mind back to the beseeching eyes

Of her own plaintive little ones

Her pace quickened, there was still a lot to do


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