I Want Peace

One day life came knocking at my door…



We always do most of our deeds according to the trend or in accordance with what other people do. Do we ever think- who these other people are, why are they doing that work and are they really happy with what they’re doing?


Take for instance, education. In the present scenario, education has become only a means to earn money. Nobody is interested in gaining knowledge. The goal is to earn the maximum possible money in the minimum time period. Teachers are proud if they hear about their students working in a multi-national company in a faraway, more developed country. If one of the students starts working in an orphanage, he can neither be a source of attraction nor will he be highlighted.


Last week I happened to meet a friend of mine who is a super-specialist doctor. He is a neonatologist and saves two or three infants on every shift. While talking to him I found him dissatisfied with himself and his work. He was quite insecure about his future prospects and earnings. I tried to convince him that he is earning something greater than money by earning the blessings and goodwill of thousands in serving humanity. I don’t think he was too impressed.


A fellow with lots of money is considered to be an honorable man while a person with moral values (though rare) is taken to be worthless, regardless of the means that the former uses to earn those bucks. Money is all that is on the minds of all.


We see people being taken to graveyards and still think that our turn will never come. We have never stopped to think where we were before this birth and what will happen to us after death. We always consider the purpose of our lives to be able to earn more and more currency and to save most of it for our future generations. There is no priority at all for earning character and imparting moral values to our children. Our preferences are to give them money and to encourage them to get as much of it as they possibly can.


The most interesting factor is that this life of ours is just a small fraction of our entire journey and we are committing a mistake by considering this tiny fraction as the whole journey. It is really a pity that we spend the whole life collecting those things that will be ours for a small part of the journey. We never ever bother to collect those precious things which can be with us throughout.


The important points to ponder over, then, are – What does this all lead to? What is our ultimate destination, after all?


Everyone is longing for happiness. People spend the whole life in search of happiness. They go on doing so without knowing that the source of perfect happiness – absolute bliss! – is only God and the journey has to continue till God realization. As human being is the only species eligible to achieve that goal, one should be very much aware of this ultimate aim.


Then what are the other species for?

The other species are really the souls who, in their previous births have performed actions to deserve such birth. This is to say that while in the human frame, the soul goes about its activities and receives the fruit for it. Any actions that seem to be fruitless in the present life get culmination in the form of rebirth in the body of the species most suitable to those activities.


Only human beings are independent to do whatever they like. They have been given full knowledge and the sense to discriminate between right and wrong. So, remember, ‘Better late than never!’ We can always reach the goal if we are moving in the right direction and with right knowledge and full enthusiasm.


So let us come out of the illusions and spare some time to sit and think over the ultimate truth and work accordingly. Life is precious – simply too precious to be wasted away!

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