I Want Peace

One day life came knocking at my door…



There are just two things that we, the overloaded human creatures know about — one, relax or go to sleep and two, get up and get to work. The former state is controlled by the element of inertness while the latter is governed by the element of dynamism.


There have been defined three essential elements that exist in the entire world in different permutations and combinations, different proportions to give rise to different types of states of nature. Our body is a part of this nature, but only our body, remember, not our souls. These three elements are inertness, dynamism and the illuminative element — in increasing order of their purity[1].


Of the three basic or core elements of nature, we still haven’t cared to explore the third, the most beautiful one, the element of illumination which is characterized by calmness, inner peace and bliss. Anything we do in our lives is useless without bringing the illuminating element and then trying to increase its relative proportion in our mundane affairs. 


Everything we perform in this world is only a means of attaining the highest truth, the absolute bliss and the real peace. If our daily deeds are not taking us there and have not yet brought us close to a generous helping of the true ecstasy, there’s something terribly wrong in our manner of working.


It’s very easy to follow blindly and become yet another insignificant individual in the world full of aimless wanderers. But like they say, achieving is not about doing different things; it’s about doing the same things differently.


All of us live in the world like milk in water. Milk is not water but once it is inside it, it merges completely in it. Both become one, no distinction can be made. If, on the contrary, the milk is worked upon, churned thoroughly, it gets converted to butter. This butter now when descended into the water-like world, does not get lost in it. It floats. Remains parted from the invisible depths that hold misery!


This is what we’ve got to do with ourselves — work upon and churn ourselves thoroughly. Live like the floating butter or like the beautiful Lotus flower that unfailingly grows in the mud but stays over it, never even touching it.


Working upon ourselves only means that we should refrain from following blindly just to please the world. We need to use our own grey matter and think, contemplate and speculate. Instead of sitting to wonder about and analyze the fate of all these people who are desperately struggling to make sense out of their lives, we also join their league.


We need to thoroughly figure out our places and our roles, as also the methods of playing these roles to perfection. For this, the methods need to be perfect too and for perfection we need to give serious thought to the element of illumination. 


It has become important to come out of the sheer instinctive routine of working and relaxing. Working, by the way, includes not just our offices but also our daily chores and weekly rounds to the stores and markets; relaxing, once again, encompasses not only the several hours of sleep on weekends but also hanging out and our useless gossips. We must, by all means, take out time for reaching out to our spirits, our souls. Time is going by rapidly. It is imperative to think, behave and act intelligently in order to illuminate our lives. Right now!

[1] In the vernacular, the three elements are referred to as : Tamogun (inertness), Rajogun (dynamism) and Satvagun (illumination)


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