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One day life came knocking at my door…


Just one chance

A key point to achieve success in life is to recognize the opportunity. During one’s lifetime, everyone is faced with several opportunities to uplift one’s life. But we fail to recognize them and being unable to catch them at the right time, we miss the chance of gaining anything out of those opportunities. However, if we remain careful and attentive, there’s no reason why those opportunities can’t prove useful to us. But, for this, we have to concentrate and contemplate minutely. Many of us might have seen an apple falling from a tree, but when Newton saw it, his focused insight and endless effort gave birth to the universal ‘Law of Gravitation’.


It is often heard that opportunities rarely come one’s way. But my experience says that God keeps providing us with one opportunity or the other every now and then. But we, forever in a state of stupefaction, can’t seem to be profited by these moments.


It would be worthwhile to digress a bit and first have a look at the five states of mind:

The first is the restless state. In this phase, the mind is fidgety and agitated. If you’ve ever seen a lizard whose tail has just been cut off from the main body, the way the poor creature flounders in agitation can be likened to the state in which we keep our mind on most occasions. In such a state, therefore, we cannot recognize any opportunity that comes our way.


The second state is that of stupefaction. During this state, there is a preponderance of sleepiness, lethargy and lassitude. There is a lack of awareness and knowledge, due to which we lose the opportunity.

The third state is that of flickering attention. Here, a person pays attention to a particular subject for a certain period of time and then, for some reason, gets diverted. The reasons could be external as well as inbred. For instance, a loud noise, physical contact, a strong smell etc. could be external influences that distract the attention while memory of the past, false knowledge about something, illusion etc. could be the internal factors.


The fourth is the state of concentration. In this state, a person can willfully commune the mind with the subject of choice and thus is able to grasp the opportunity.


Fifth is the behavioral stage whereby the achievement procured through the grasping of opportunity is put to effect and incorporated into the behavior of the person.


So, I repeat that we should not let go of opportunities by virtue of inattentiveness, lethargy or indifference. If we become habitual of doing so, the situation arises whereby we can never reach our destination even if the destination itself keeps searching for us throughout our life.


On the path of life, the ones who emerge victorious are the ones who attain the right knowledge of the object and perform their tasks well in time. To do the work at the right time is the essence of taking benefit of an opportunity. But what happens is that we assign every task to ‘tomorrow’. For instance, one thinks of perfecting one’s health and decides that he will start his morning-walk and work-out right from ‘tomorrow’. A student decides that he will make a good timetable and start studying for scoring good marks from ‘tomorrow’ itself. A shopkeeper thinks that for better running of business, he will get more stock ‘tomorrow’. Those who postpone their duties never live to confront a ‘tomorrow’, although they are always on the look-out for it.


When a handcuffed culprit is being taken across the street towards the prison with his head hanging down, the thought crossing his mind is: Only if they let me free this time and give me one single opportunity, I would try to turn a new leaf and rectify all my wrongs right from ‘tomorrow’.

Take a look at this. An over-drunk man, unable to walk straight, on falling into a dirty stream full of muck, thinks that if only someone would rescue him one time, he would quit alcohol from ‘tomorrow’.


A well-dressed, respectable-looking man positioned in an air-conditioned, spick and span office, on being caught accepting a bribe, thinks shamefacedly that if only they would forgive him that one time, he would do nothing immoral from ‘tomorrow’.


‘Tomorrow’ is virtually the devil’s messenger. To finish an assignment well in time and to never let any work linger on till ‘tomorrow’ is actually what is meant by making good use of an opportunity. When that opportunity is gone, then we beg to have just one more, but unfortunately, chances are not granted when demanded.


Quite a number of people complain of lack of time. They squander their precious time in the very discussion highlighting how less time they have. It is entirely up to us whether we want to use every single minute, hour, day, week, month or year of our life in becoming successful or just whiling it away idly.


You yourself are the performers as well as creators of your life and your world. God grants us only one moment at a time and before bestowing the second moment, He takes away the first. So, realizing the importance of every moment, let’s utilize if for something good. Everything good that we do today contributes towards the construction of tomorrow’s fate. Every moment wishes well for us.


Opportunities keep coming and we keep allowing them to escape. With our own hands, we throttle our lives. So, think while it’s time. Make it clear that there’s no better opportunity than the present, no moment more auspicious than this one. Living fully in the present, when we master the art of utilizing every opportunity, our children will automatically start holding on to this aspect of life deeming it useful and will be able to reap the results of unimaginable greatness.


To remember and to do:

1.               Even with wide open eyes, we remain lethargic. Avoid all laziness.

2.              Extremely valuable time is passing with an equally extreme rapidity. If we warily match our pace with the pace of time, we will be able to grasp time with better ease.

3.              Realize the true potentials that you bear and make the best use of them.

4.               Isolating yourself from the complexity of the world, contemplate upon the fact that there is an ocean of happiness flowing all around you and you have to drink in that happiness. As soon as you learn about that ocean, a unique sort of knowledge will unravel inside you and make it simple for you to accomplish even seemingly impossible tasks. The only imperative thing is to know thyself and recognize the opportunity.

5.              Do not delay the task that faces you. Be certain that the right moment, the right time to do a task is ‘right now’. A better time will never come. So, delve into your work with total enthusiasm. Ways will automatically unfold. Just keep going. Never stop.


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