I Want Peace

One day life came knocking at my door…



As a little child when, I used to lose my pencil
Panic would overcome me, with despair my heart would fill;
I wouldn't rest till I found it and in case I did not
I couldn't concentrate on a thing, unless I got it or (in the rare case) forgot!

I remember that feeling of emergency but I also remember
That the true emotion of loss, the episode did never usher
Things go harmlessly, some never to be found again
For who knows if that pencil was in the flowing stream or on rough terrain!

Harmless absence of little things would've perhaps been my closest encounter
With the meaning of loss until it was time for destiny to flounder!
When I had moved from school to university and from crayons to pens
When I had got myself a career and graduated from dolls to friends.

Lightning struck and the clouds were overcast, the truth of loss I was to find
My shelter and haven, the epitome of wonder, only one of a kind
A mother so great, a woman so gentle, my friend so close - that's what she was
Away she was taken never to be returned to teach me what was loss!

Things are created in all their glory to be savored to the last drop
But once they're gone, you've got to move on; even if you want to, you can't stop
Yes, the memory comes back to you and brings with it the tears of ache
Yet if you realize it's a test by heaven, to see how much you can take

Everything teaches something and my loss taught me how to lose
For winners are they who take their losses just the way they choose
I did lose a jacket two days ago but now I know what loss meant
Greater things had been taken from me, several others will continue to be sent!

I won't despair, I won't panic, the greatest lamenting brings no fruit
My loving Creator watches me, sends bountiful joys for me to loot
In the vast scheme of things, my own loss is but a miniscule
I appreciate His presence and understand now there's no time to drool.

With a heavy heart I remember my loss, with a glad one I thank it
What it taught me is a comfort when it's hot, in the cold, my blanket.
Things will come and things will go, never be fluttered O soul
The journey must continue unabated, I must reach my goal!
Yes,  the journey must carry on, I must reach my goal!

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