I Want Peace

One day life came knocking at my door…



Far away, there was a place. A place of promise! A life that assured joy, contentment and wealth… The people were happy, occupied and hard-working. They understood the meaning of commitment and lived up to their word. They fulfilled promises they made to others because they wanted to keep friends. They were fast-paced and left no stone unturned for success.

Success! It meant a lot to them. It meant everything. It meant money. Then one day, it started to mean more money. And more! All they ever did now was for some more money. Only some of these people knew what the money was for. The rest didn’t know and didn’t care to know. They thought that if they stopped to care, they would lose out on time to earn.

The others knew, however. They knew that the money was for a lavish life with all facilities to make them comfortable….

It was for an extra piece of their favourite cake which they would never have time to relish. It was for a vacation with their children who hardly would ever get time for a heart-to-heart conversation with them, leave alone a vacation. It was to buy the best diamond present for their wives, who wanted their love more than the jewels. It was for getting their husbands their favourite BMWs, who would forever hope to stroll down the road hand in hand with their wives some day to have an ice-cream together. It was to re-live their childhood memories in their country-houses and villages where they would never be able to go because their cash-minting jobs required them to show their commitment (towards money?). It was to pay off the mortgage of their large, new house that longed to hear laughter and see caring smiles and feel the love and trust among its inhabitants.

They were earning all that money for the ultimate happiness that they had thought they would find in their wealth and luxury, but it was too late before they found out that was far from the truth. If they wanted, they could still get a hold of themselves and think. They needed to act really fast because their ability to think clearly was being fast shadowed over by materialistic and financial issues. In every situation that sprang up, they first thought about their own gain and personal comfort. Something certainly needed a change.

It shouldn’t be hard to figure out, because the place is our own world and the people are we!


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