I Want Peace

One day life came knocking at my door…


Making the right moves


… it takes a long pull, a strong pull, and a pull all together before some of us even get our feet set in the right way.

    Louisa May Alcott


It’s a wonderful life. Truly wonderful.

But some will screw up their noses and say, “Life?? Wonderful???”And indeed, it would also seem that we are letting down the experienced poet, O. Henry who said “Life is made up of sobs, sniffles and smiles, with sniffles predominating” or Frank ward O’Malley who quoted that “Life is just one damned thing after another”.

Well, those who do not subscribe to the wonderful version of life are actually they who are agonized by the cruel presents of life that have made them helpless and hopeless.


Now let’s put it straight. Some of us are really happy with what life offers while others are truly miserable. However, the latter feel miserable only because they know what happiness is about. Had we been unaware of pleasure, sorrow would hardly seem to be so. It is just the memory of happiness that breaks us in times that are not too good.


This brings us to face the fact that we all know the taste of happiness because we all achieve that state sometime in our lives but some of us can hang around in that state for long while some just let go of it easily. “Being” in a particular condition is very different from “feeling” a particular condition. And there are times when we can’t help the “being” but sure can do something about the “feeling”. It would not be true if we said that there are some people who have all the luck while others are throughout unfortunate. It is only that the latter feel unfortunate more than others.


It may sound strange to hear that we ourselves don’t hold happiness close to us and on our own accord, let gloom spread over us. It’s true. We are the masters.


Success begins with a dream. But a dream is nothing more than just the seed. How that seed is watered and nurtured, how it gets its nourishment, the quantity and quality of what has been put to help the sapling come out of that dream is what governs the outcome. So it is just up to us to water that dream with the careful toil of dedication and a dutiful feeling of care. Nurturing the dream is in our hands, by giving it the space it needs to grow and become fulfilled, by fencing it carefully so the world does not eat it up, by taking care that other trivial, useless weeds of life do not suffocate or strangle the early, tender sapling and thus deprive it of the joy of fulfillment.


We’ve all got our seeds and our duties towards them. The Master Gardener watches us from beyond and judges the best of us. Those of us who toil hard, keep guard against the evils of the world, move steadily or even at least try to do so, find His favor. He helps us and while we are away, He takes care of our seeds and saplings and gives them His distinguished touch that makes life glow with the coveted luminescence that’s otherwise impossible to be had. And that is when people say, ‘This is good luck, man!’ or ‘God is kind!’ or ‘You’ve done it!’ 


There are some of us who joyously realize that the Master has been at work with us. But there are some others who get enamoured with the idea of their own efforts and capabilities. Those who admit, admire and adore the presence of the Supreme Force at work with themselves are the ones who actually live to enjoy the fruits of their plants. The others get distraught on their way as it becomes exceedingly blurring at times to move alone, to live alone, to work alone — devoid of any acknowledgement, thought or hope of a guiding force.


So the end of it is that living with God leads towards living successfully. It illuminates us with hope, justice and love. It lends our lives a purpose and brings with it a true, everlasting taste of satisfaction and joy. Most of us acknowledge the fact that there’s no life without God as it is He who is the universal Creator, Nurturer and Destroyer. But none of us pursue a life with God.


But how do we get God in our lives? Church every Sunday? A daily five minute round at the temple? A vermilion or sandalwood mark on the forehead? May be this. But never just this. Living with God means knowing what life is all about, why it started at all, where it’s going to end and what is our role in this affair called life. It is also about how well we play that role by making all the right moves. Each step we take, every move we make is important, as God does not let go of His surveillance for even a fraction of a second. Nothing ever happens in this world that goes unaccounted for. In this life, as they say, there are no mercies (courtesy: Siddharth Dhanvant Sanghvi). And putting it in a revised way, there are no unfair mercies. So why not have a clean slate, so that we may always be in the mercy list.


Actually, it’s not as difficult as it seems, for everything begins and ends not with the impossible task of handling our fates, but only our own selves. That’s simple! And it gets even easier when we know just what are those moves that help us to get hold of ourselves and move on. Progressively. Not wherever the wind takes us.

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