I Want Peace

One day life came knocking at my door…



Have you ever given a thought about the way you think?

Have a look at the following situations :
Your husband is away on his job. He is getting late to return from his place of work. He fails to inform you about his getting late. He is otherwise very punctual. In case he gets delayed, he never forgets to inform you. Today he is late and there is no information. You are worried. Very natural ! You try to contact him but you find no connection or clue. You begin to think of accidents and a lot more. You feel dejected and depressed.

You could also be on a different line of thinking. May be he is engaged in the service of some helpless person in the way and has no means to inform you. Under the circumstances such positive thinking will help— at least it will keep you cool and calm to face any problem.

You are attending some interview. In merit you don’t lag behind. Your worry is that you have no high-level references. Dejection !

You can think the other way also : “With God’s grace I am meritorious. If God thinks that selection is in my ultimate interest, I shall be selected. So if I don’t get selected, no cause for grumbling. I should rather think that this selection was not in my ultimate interest. And now I’ll try somewhere else.”

Your son is in the army— now in the war-field. You fear he may never come back. You feel broken. The logic is that the Army-service involves such a risk. You were aware when your son joined the service. So have courage. Here too, you can think differently :“My son will return victorious or martyr. In either way, he will bring glory to the family and the nation.’’

So, I always say, “Don’t build up tension by irrational and negative thinking. The present trouble is almost over because there is a solution right around the corner and as for the future, hope for the best. Naam-jap or remembering a name of God brings hope in life. After making all our efforts it should be our last resort ensuring hopes all around. With naam-jap there is no place for tension which we usually create ourselves.” Tension is like a funeral pyre; in fact, more than that. The funeral pyre burns only once, while tension burns us every moment.

If you want to see hell on Earth, look inside the heart of a pessimist. If you want to live in heaven and stay there, you have to have an optimistic attitude.

Everybody becomes friendly with a positively thinking person. Everyone wishes to have his company because he keeps circulating his liveliness, confidence and hopefulness in others too. On the contrary, the negative-thinker not only weeps on his own fate but also makes others weep. He radiates his gloom throughout his family. His children start remaining tense and become unable to concentrate on their work. Instead of leading them towards success and joy, he leads them towards a gloomy life.

You will find that it is just thoughts that can raise a man to great heights in life. Giving a practical touch to these thoughts, he can reach those summits which he desires to. Weakening thoughts on the other hand can dump people into such great depths that getting out becomes a formidable task. With the right approach towards thinking, we can set right everything that was wrong. Good thinking illuminates and purifies our minds. We are able to make appropriate decisions and this is the key to success. We will find that our gains are beyond our expectation.

The greatest benefit of your positive attitude will be the transformation of your family members. Your children will not remain unaffected. They have always kept an eye on your behavior. So they cannot remain uninfluenced by the enthusiasm that will emanate from your positive thinking. They will be able to score better in class. Their daily schedule will improve because they will see everything in a different, fresh and hopeful perspective. Hopefulness in you will make them hopeful too, and in the coming times they will live up to your hopes.


1. We should always keep positive thoughts in our mind.
2. Think good, do good and you will get good. So transform
    your thought process.
3. Always remain conjugated with spiritual thoughts. They 
    produce positive energy.
4. Avoid people and situations that generate negative thoughts.

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