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A child makes his first ever relation with his parents. Caring for parents is the basis of a healthy family. It is said in the scriptures, “May the son conform to the father’s resolutions and principles.” It is the duty of a son to take his father’s work ahead and in a better way. He should thus save him from any further burden.

Father’s place is immensely important. In a famous conversation between Yaksh and Yudhishthir (the eldest of the five Paandavs in the epic of Mahaabhaarat), the former asks, “Who is higher than the sky?” Yudhishthir answers – and rightly so – that the father’s position is higher than the sky.

The feelings which a father harbours for his son are beyond estimation. A father wishes to win everybody but wants to lose to his son. What a strange emotion this is! The scriptures mention, “A father is a deity.” Take the father to be a divine entity; respect and honour him. Parents are to be worshipped when still alive and not only after they’re no more.

It is the duty of every son to walk in the footsteps of his father. It will give a sense of fulfillment to the father and feeling of peace and prosperity to the son. Going back to the same conversation, Yaksh later asks Yudhishthir as to who is heavier than the Earth. To this, the reply comes, “Mother is heavier than the Earth.”

It is also quite true that there is no limit to her tolerance. Today, scientists have been able to measure the Earth but a mother’s emotions for her son remain immeasurable.

Being courteous to parents enhances our life-span, increases our knowledge and propagates our fame and strength too. But being courteous is not enough. We must be attentive to what they say, understand them and obey them. This is their honour. God is truthful and we honour Him when we abide by the truth. God is benevolent and we pay our tributes to Him by practicing generosity. Similarly, we honour our parents by adhering to their high ideals and traditions. We venerate our teachers by conforming to the norms of our schools, colleges, institutes and universities. A nation is honoured by conservation of such norms. In the same way, obeying elders is their true regard and this is what takes us to unprecedented heights.

Today, if we take up these ideals, tomorrow our children will automatically bear the same conduct of regard for us and will earn the good will of their elders. In such a frame of mind they will love to serve them more enthusiastically. Then there will be no need to stand on a podium and lecture them about it. They will be our support when we’re old. And then, believe me, you will be able to see with their eyes and work with their hands!


1. If you wish fame, long life, knowledge and  strength, you must learn to respect elders.
2. Never lose an opportunity to serve them.

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