I Want Peace

One day life came knocking at my door…



If you place all objects at their assigned places, you will notice that your children will also place them at that very place. Then you will find a unique peace and order in the home. At the approach of schooltime, there will be no desperate shouts of
‘where is that book’,
‘where is my pen’,
‘where is my school bag’, etc. School uniforms and lunch boxes — all will be handy.

Placing things at the right place requires an effort and habit that changes the scenario of the entire life. Let’s say you have to leave for work. At the same time your kid leaves for school and the instant you’re ready to step out, the child’s school bus calls for him. This period of clash and conversation decides the future of the day. When everybody finds all their things at the right place, the day’s work gets done merrily and conveniently. If, on the other hand, things are not found at their assigned places, everyone gets agitated and disturbed. Irritation and anger fill the mind and atmosphere. The whole day fumes away into mere tension.

Once I was visiting somebody. The conversation took a turn towards politics. The hosts started discussing that the government does not perform any of its duties in the right manner. Nothing is in order in the nation and it seems as if the country’s future is dark. Suddenly, there was a power failure and there was an upheaval in the house. Everyone started searching for candles, matchsticks and flashlights. But nothing could be found. Everyone was banging against each other, quarreling and yelling. I could not restrain myself from saying, “You had been talking about the running of a big nation but first you must learn to run your own house efficiently.”

I am certain that if the habit of placing objects at the right place had been cultivated within the family, that sort of a situation would never have arisen. I have observed that not only does this habit save time but it also saves us from mental tension and blaming others.

I’ll give you an example :
My friend and colleague, Mr. Goel, lost his eyesight. But due to his habit of placing things at the right place, he finishes work earlier than all of us at the office. While we would still be looking for a particular file by going through the titles, he puts it in front of us by just feeling the topic-wise sequential arrangement of the files with his fingers. This is possible only because of keeping things at the right place. He follows this habit as a rule. So, you too should try to follow this rule. It can change your life for the better right now!

You might have seen that children tend not to pay attention to what you say. But they definitely do as you do. They will take your habit of rightly placing things and make it a part of their own life. Carl Gustav Jung also says that :
“Children are educated by what the grown up is and not by his talk.”

This way your children will automatically learn to put things at their proper places and they will be liberated from several tensions in life. Not only will they be able to enhance their life span by remaining free from unnecessary stress, but will also be able to conserve the precious time which would have been lost in the futile exercise of locating objects. Being thus able to save a substantial amount of time in their lives, they will be able to utilize it for their development.

To remember and do :

Let’s develop the habit of keeping our objects at the right place. Once we pick it up from a place and finish its use, we only have to put it back in the same place.

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