I Want Peace

One day life came knocking at my door…



What is satisfaction

To be able to sleep cozy and well,
Even when things are going all pell-mell,
To be able to say “time will tell”,
Although the day ahead seems like a job from hell ,
To count my blessings and never to rebel,
If boggling things want me to yell,
To be able to curl up and smile in my shell

Who decides my level of satisfaction

I and I alone have a right
To decide the peace of my day and my night
Others want to take over and guide my sight
But when life drives endurance to its height
They’re there alright, only to watch my plight
I'm learning to hold on to myself tight
It’s my own journey, my soul’s personal flight!


This life is not for complaint, 
                                but for satisfaction.- Henry David Thoreau

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