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One day life came knocking at my door…



Self-introspection is an essential nutrient required for the blossoming of the shoots of life. But this nutrient has to be used regularly,for long and with devotion.

This practice requires that just before going to bed you recall all your activities– big or small– of the entire day. Don’t ignore even the one that looks trifle.

You have to minutely appraise your behavior. For example :
Did you behave inappropriately with somebody?
Did your behavior hurt anyone?
Did you remain in a state of anger?
Did you keep your mind busy in nourishing your wishes
and desires all day long?
Did you maintain a feeling of selflessness?
Did you harbor respectful feelings for elders?
Did you treat those younger than you with affection?

Observe yourself very minutely and impartially for all these things. Don’t have such an attitude that on seeing somebody’s victory the thought crosses your mind, “he possesses lucky cards!” And in the event when you yourself are victorious, “it’s my intelligence at work”. No brother,this is pure partiality ! For self-introspection, the reality, the actual truth will have to be kept in mind. The feelings of love and jealousy also need to be guarded against.

There are several things worth pondering over such as :
Did you stay contented?
Did you take the aid of any unfair or tricky means to accomplish your tasks?
Were you able to speak the truth in a polite manner?
Did you condemn your sinful thoughts?
Did you devise any plan to destroy or grab a relative’s or friend’s wealth?
Contemplate continuously.

If you work in an office, try to think whether your customers were satisfied with you.
If you are a lawyer by profession, did you agree to plead a false case just for a few currency notes?
If you are a doctor, think whether you tried to victimize a sick, innocent, unarmed, helpless patient in your trap of
words to lay hands on his money?
If you’re a grocer, does your weighing balance function correctly?
Did you stay greedy today ?

We should also keep imbibing inspiration from our own good deeds which can lead us to better life. Such qualities should also be constantly developed. Intensive self-introspection helps us realize where our negativities come from. Where, on one hand, invigorated by the inspirational anecdotes we have to move ahead; there, on the other hand, we have to extirpate our flaws. For this, we should decide self-punishment whenever we fail or falter. We should also have the courage to publicly accept our shortcomings. Another important thing is that he who points out our faults should be treated like a friend, because it is he who is our true well-wisher.Better if you try to  maintain a diary. Diary serves as an intimate friend.

When your child observes you practicing self-introspection at your age, he will understand the importance of the habit of introspection right in his childhood. Unaware of this art in in our own childhood, we have acquired certain flaws. The child will learn the process from you while still a kid and get rid of several bad habits. The road of life will thus become simple,
smooth and joyous for him.


Every night before going to bed, make it a practice that all family members assemble together and present their own misgivings. For any mistake committed during the day, each person should assign a punishment for himself and abide by it honestly. This will gradually enable us to get rid of all our flaws.

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