I Want Peace

One day life came knocking at my door…



Do I have the time to see
The Falling red leaves
ready to be gathered
The boy with his broken toy
Who wished to be heard
The cascading blue river
Where peacefully sang a bird
Can I hear amidst all this
The unsaid word?

Do I have the time to enjoy
The snow-clad mountains
With white clouds on their brow
The curved trail in the woods
Alive with fresh snow
The green spreadseet and canopies
Where the cool breezes blow
Can I feel God's creation,
Nature's splendid show?

Do I have the time to understand
The agony of the woman
Who has no food for her child
The pain of the honest man
When sentenced, who smiled
And the misery of the millionaire
Who is restless with troubles so mild
Can I see the shades of the world
So true, yet so beguiled!

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