I Want Peace

One day life came knocking at my door…



May joy illuminate the visage!
Let smiling be your nature. It is a divine quality. The portraits of great men are generally depicted smiling. One smiling face at home can diminish the sadness of all others. Looking at your merry visage, the whole family will glow with happiness. When you start remaining happy, your mind becomes clear and illuminated and you become capable of taking the right decision. Why ?—because you are cool and calm. You can take any situation in a positive way. You are able to sort out all your messed-up tasks conveniently and everyone starts treating you with respect.

Happiness can change the atmosphere and the scenario. Now look :  Some kids go out for a picnic. On the way it starts raining. A sense of depression starts creeping in as to ‘what now?’ All of a sudden, one child, while riding his bicycle, starts humming a happy song relating to rain and rainy season. Everybody joins him in singing. The gloomy atmosphere instantly gets dispelled. All the children are now singing while riding. Then one of the kid stops, gets off his bike and starts dancing. And indeed, everyone joins in. Heavens pour  incessantly and the children bathe and dance ; dance and bathe.

The picnic becomes a lifelong pleasant memoir for all of them. This is how your approach should be. If you start keeping yourself happy, your child will also meet you joyously and will respect you at all times, at all places.

Once a dog happened to enter a castle that had mirrors all around. The dog barked. All dogs around him barked back. The dog leapt. All the dogs leapt at him. The extent of anger and ferocity with which the dog attacked was returned to him in the same amount by all the dogs around him. Then another dog entered the castle. He too looked at the numerous dogs reflected in the mirrors. He remained at peace. All others stayed calm. He wagged his tail happily. All of them wagged their tails. He approached them joyously. The others advanced happily towards him too. He started playing with them and rolled amidst all of them fondly and merrily and then left. But the first dog was left there barking, leaping, jumping, attacking ; bruised and helpless.

Actually, the world is a mirrored castle. When you meet people with love and gaiety, everyone smiles back at you. You won’t even notice how soon your children grasp this quality. Aggressive parents’ children remain irritated and shorttempered because they have always been treated with anger and abuse. On the other hand, children of happy parents awaken with a smile and remain cool and calm. Doing all the right things in the right direction, they contribute towards the uplift of the family and the nation.

When the mind is at peace and the face smiling, you would always emerge a victor in life.

To be happy is to be healthy. Believe me, your smile is the key which unlocks others’ barred doors if it emanates from the depth of your heart. Your smile speaks. It tells the onlookers that ‘I respect you and appreciate your presence. You make me happy and give me hope.’ Thus your smile will act as a stepping stone to your success.

Your happiness is your strength. Every forthcoming hardship and disappointment can be countered by the weapon of happiness. Learn to live happily and also prompt others to live happily. Smiling and remaining cheerful costs nothing. It is the strength which, when used, gives manifold return.

People don’t like the person who is always sad and gloomy, frustrated and cheerless. Nobody wants to befriend him. Nobody wishes to stay in his proximity and gradually, even his near and dear ones severe all ties with him. His habit of staying glum spoils everything for him. He develops a tendency to find fault with others while the actual fault lies in him. His temperament becomes the root cause of all troubles.

Those who laugh away the hardships go far ahead in life. Happiness brings prosperity to business, success to work, joy to family and addition to the number of friends. I often say that :
If you want to emerge victorious, smile !
If you want to enslave success, smile !
If you want to conquer the world, smile !
If you want to make everyone your own, smile !
Woe runs away from smiles. Smiling in troubles leaves
the impression of your courage on others. People start
honoring you. The fragrance of happiness freshens up the entire atmosphere and makes one cheerful. So, laugh and make others laugh.

The Lord has bestowed the gift of laughter only to humans, not animals. It is your birthright. God has already granted you the strength of being happy. He is forever with you and within you. Recognize Him in life. Let Him glean on your face. Proceed merrily thus, on the path of life.


1. Let smile be a permanent feature of your personality.
2. Your laughter should be pure and innocent.
3. Just like water makes a plant bloom, likewise happiness 
    gives birth to a blooming sensation in the whole body.
4. Pure and hearty laughter dispels all disappointment from life.

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