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One day life came knocking at my door…



A man is considered to be successful if he progresses with the progression of time. I still remember the time when I migrated to North America and took up my first survival job. I used to hear people asking others how long they’d been here for. If someone said they’d been here for three years or over, they were considered to be unsuccessful, given the fact that they were still working in the same spot where new, inexperienced people were working and had not moved on to better jobs.


It is basic human nature to progress and to move forward with the passage of time. Even if we look at the physical nature and the world all around us, we see the same pattern. Plants grow, our bodies grow, buildings, cities and countries continue to grow with time.

But we need to realize the cost which we are paying for attaining an externally sparkling world. If we ponder over the meanings of the words growth, development or progress, then we might realize that what we are considering to be growth or progress is in fact degradation!


It’s important that we set our perspective right. Even though everyone’s perspective is different and makes them see the world in a different light, yet the trained mind will decipher the true gist from trivial issues. Once an attractive prostitute was standing by the side of a road, singing the words, “Don’t lose the chance or you will repent.” The famous enlightened scholar, Mahatma Buddha was passing by. He was shaken by the words. He gave the woman a little salute for awakening him to the purpose of life. He realized that this life was the golden chance given by God to realize His glory ad to achieve the ultimate truth. If we lose it, we certainly will repent.


Similarly God made seconds, minutes, hours, days, nights, months and years for us to develop our intellect to develop our love for him, to develop our wisdom, to develop the power to discriminate between right and wrong, to develop the tenderness in our heart for the needy and to do all those things that add more ‘soul’ to our life!


But unfortunately as time is passing, we continue to make our best efforts to develop selfishness, thanklessness, cruelty and harshness in us. We are increasing the gap between ourselves and God. We seem to be going away from Him and hence distance ourselves from his blessings and support.


It’s time to stop for a while, take a short break to review thoroughly if we really are on a path of progress and development. Have we gained any spiritual qualities and internal strength in the course of the years or are we leading a fake life, amassing one material asset after the other without blinking an eye at our degradation? The answers are all within us, may be lined with a layer of soiled character and false appearance.


It is our real self – the soul – that can take the real strides of development. Let’s drop the pretence for a while and work on ourselves. Assuredly, we will see ourselves flying towards our Creator with the wings of progress!


Up tvaagney diveydivey doshaavastah dhiya vayam

Namo bharanta aimasi!

- Rigveda (1/ 1/ 7)


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