I Want Peace

One day life came knocking at my door…



Somewhere along the way
When life was pulling away
When I was busy being free
When the world seemed so full
When there was nothing to worry me

Somewhere along the road
That went up the way to my abode
When I tried to count the colours in the sun
When gathering flowers in my little basket
Was my heavenly idea of fun

Somewhere along the path
That led to the woods so dark
When I held my mother’s hand
And laughed the perils away
Amidst dangers I had the courage to stand

Somewhere along the years
That were spangled with smiles and tears
When I did not know what it takes
To face the wide world beyond
To hold on when the storm shakes

Somewhere along the way
Somewhere along the road, something occurred
Somewhere along the path
Somewhere along these years, I grew up!

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