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Great is God’s power! The omnipotent Lord does not need to rectify anything He creates because He never makes mistakes! We are fortunate to be under His organization which helps everything flow smoothly according to the prescribed rules.


Humans use the brain and knowledge that the Lord has bestowed upon them and accomplish success which seems humongous to our limited minds. For instance, when the first car was invented by mankind, it was deemed to be the greatest use of knowledge and skill.  Yet, how backward and inferior would the quality of present life had been if we were still relying on that first-created model of the car?  Our knowledge kept on increasing and our skills continue getting polished as we come up with one innovative model after another of several different types of cars that we invented in the years.


If we compare this to the model of human being (for instance) that the Lord created. Our great-great-grandparents might not have had a savvy car but still they had the same features of the human body like we did. The model is so perfect that a slight alteration becomes news and requires treatment. The same holds for plants and animals. Plants have always been equipped with leaves, stems, roots etc. and despite thousands of years, they have not undergone any change in their basic features and their functions!


With this same supreme, flawless power, God created the ultimate knowledge – that knowledge which is universal and unchangeable in any state. That is the Vedic knowledge! Vedas comprise of all the knowledge and even contain the basis for any future inventions or discoveries which the world is yet to make. Apart from the ever-changing principles, God also created this ever-changing world. No one but He alone runs this world as no mortal can have the powers he has. His systems, His organization and practice is devoid of any shortcomings as He is the only entity in the entire universe that is omniscient.


We all know the importance of water on Earth. Have we ever stopped to think about who originated it and is maintaining it? The seven oceans, the smaller water bodies and even the water drops present in the atmosphere are all a result of careful planning and constant maintenance. No one but the supremely capable God can do so.


The same brilliant and extremely efficient power is responsible for the scattering of the universe at the end of a certain time period. That is the time when the entire visible matter crumbles back to its root constituents and the souls wait for the universe to be re-created.


Indeed, where would we be without the benevolent, mighty Lord? We offer Him our prayers and bow in awe at the wonders of His capability!



Ritam cha satyam chaabheedhaat tapaso adhyajaayata

Tato raatriyajaayata tatah samudro arnavah.

- RigVed – 10/190/1



­­­­­­­­Based on commentary and elaboration by revered Swami Vivekanand of Darshan Yog Mahavidyalaya, Gujarat, India.

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