I Want Peace

One day life came knocking at my door…



The reason why we get this life? To be close to the One who’s forever close to us. Fair enough, isn’t it? And He who gives us life is free to take it away too when He deems it fit. We rejoice when there’s birth and mourn when there’s death. But could it be any other way? We should mourn when we feel something that could never imaginably have happened, has occurred. But is death not supposed to happen? Everything in the world tells us that death is imminent, it has to happen. The very words ‘finish’, ‘end’, ‘over’, in the dictionary, are representatives of the fact that there is always death. So why should we mourn death?


Lamenting over such a situation has never fetched anyone anything. We realize this soon enough and the normal schedule starts setting in. We hear people saying, “Come what may, life moves on” and “The show must go on”. Hell, but why? Why should life move on after somebody so close to us is no more there? Why should life carry on as before after the very center of it is gone? How dare life continue without the person without whom the same life had once seemed impossible? Life should lose its charm, its purpose. Life should cease. But it doesn’t. That’s because life didn’t really depend on the lost individual. May be, you thought you were dependant on so-and-so but life was not.


It’s not really anybody’s fault but yours if you imposed on yourself the illusion that some mere mortal be the center of your survival. God gives the spider the ability to weave its web-house around itself but never instructs it to make it so elaborate and complicated that it would itself get entangled, thus rendering life difficult for its own survival.


All life demands is positive ‘karma’ – that would leave their blessed imprints on our souls forever; a clear perception of the ultimate destination – the abode of someone who let us into this world; a zest to achieve that goal and abidance to the right means of achieving it.


The perceptions and impressions that we have brought along with us from the previous lives also play a huge role in what we are now interested in and capable of. But a very heartening factor is that the perceptions we build up in this life also will go with us for the rest of our journey. Even though the body will change, the actual ‘us’ would be the same. So it’s only a kind of long term planning for which we need to start working now.


After all, when we take a long-term decision (valid for, say the coming ten years), we work in accordance with it every day, no matter where we are (office, home, school etc.) and no matter of course, what we are wearing! The situation is like a miniature representation of the long-term focus of life’s journey, where the body and the whereabouts keep changing but the essentials, the destination, the spiritual landmarks remain the same. This is because the impressions, the psyche, patterned on our insides through the nature of tasks that we repeatedly delve in and our basic abstract attributes are what remain with us throughout the long journey.


Hence, this life – like one of the precious pearls of an invaluable necklace –is critical and every single move taken here can make or mar the very purpose of life.


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