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A major problem in households these days is the lack of attention being given to children by over-occupied parents. Despite their desire to give their children their best, parents are unable to spend quality time with kids and help them deal with the issues of life. They have compromised with themselves and try to find satisfaction in earning more money to make their children’s lives more comfortable and to leave them enough resources.

On the other hand, modern philosophers of today are propounding that kids should be given privacy. They believe that telling the children what to do hampers their progress and that it would be in the best interest of parents to let their child’s mind develop independently. Parents are often asked to let their children learn from their own mistakes. Busy parents find this easy to follow as it suits them and they think that letting their children blossom uninhibited is going to prove very healthy.

Well, the issue that arises here is that if you will stop guiding your kids about what you think is right, then they will be exposed to the suggestions which their friends and other people will be giving to them. It is easy for the human mind to be influenced by guidance and suggestions. What they hear starts to become what they believe. And, the worst infection ever is the infection of the thoughts. If that happens in the process, we may lose a lot.

This becomes even more important in the context of the present scenario. These days, due to fatal suggestions given by society and friends, children can reach such a deplorable stage from where there is no chance of recovering. Drugs, violence, AIDS and so many more things which are not necessary to be experienced – all become a part of their lives. Most of the times it is too late before we realize what happened.

Nevertheless, the important aspect to remember here is that we should not bank on expectations from our children (as from anyone else, for that matter). This includes any professional and monetary expectations. Definitely, children should not be forced to choose any particular field of study and field of earning based on our desires. These things are secondary in life and as long as we are paying attention to the primary ones, children should be given the freedom to choose these things.

According to the Vedic philosophy, it is our responsibility to constantly guide our children about moral values and their strength. It is important to inform them about the rich cultural heritage we belong to. The purpose of life should be taught to them in detail. They also need to be guided about the significance of sticking to the right things and the techniques to differentiate between right and wrong.

Some independence under supervision is fine, but up to a certain age it is the duty of the parents to teach their kids the best of their knowledge. Mother is said to be the first and most important teacher of the child and it is believed that she can start teaching from the point of conception. There are examples from history where evidences have been found about children who started to receive education in the womb of their mother. Likewise, the father’s role is proportionately valuable in the shaping of the child’s habits and progress.

It is the parents who equip the child with the right knowledge that helps him face the world. The child, with the power of the education given to her and by using her intellect avoids committing mistakes and makes herself great. If as parents, we are not able to perform our job to perfection but at least we try our best.

Let’s try not to fall in the category of those parents whose children never receive guidance from them and end up becoming one of the crowds who never learn despite repetitive mistakes. A famous saint has written in his book that the parents who are not strict with their kids and who do not guide and supervise them properly are poisoning them.

Definitely, parenting is not cakewalk. It is actually the basis of a strong, peaceful household and therefore the building block of the society. It is not the centre of physical entertainment but the foundation for giving the society worthy citizens, logical individuals and worthy stalwarts in the form of educated, eligible and organized offsprings.

And yes, it is not something beyond reach. It is possible!

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