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One day life came knocking at my door…



If today you are unhappy with the way things are going, or if you think that you have not been able to achieve what you wanted, then let me tell you the reason behind this. The reason is that you did not decide a target for yourself when the time was ripe. If you happen to stand by a road and ask a passer-by where he is heading for, he will immediately give the name and complete address of his destination.

But strange though it is, on the road of life, you are unaware of where you have to go. You do not know your destination.

Targets have to be of two kinds :
One, which we wish to achieve in short term and second, the ultimate target of life.

The Earth rotates on its own axis and at the same time also revolves around the sun. Likewise, we need to make dual efforts. The first effort aimed at achieving immediate targets would answer questions like – How far do I have to get in studies? What type of profession should I select? How high do I have to progress occupationally, etc? Second – the ultimate target – comprises the issue of how far you have to go in terms of the ideals of life.

Aimless people— people having no target— waste their energies and are left regretting in the end.

How significant is a target? You might find the answer in the following incident. Delve deeply into it and see if it touches you intricately.

Once on a ship, when all passengers have had their dinner and are engrossed in their entertainment, the ship’s captain enters and requests everyone to assemble on the deck. Once everyone’s there, he informs them that unfortunately the direction-meter (compass) of the ship is not working properly. The night being dark and cloudy, the pole star could not be spotted either, that could give some idea about the direction. Moreover, a storm seems likely over the sea. The captain tells them that the crew has no idea which direction they were heading to. However, he announced that the ship was moving with good speed and that the fuel was sufficient. The scared passengers declared that they were least bothered about the speed and fuel when they did not even know which direction they were going in!

It seems to us that these passengers are right. But think! Is our condition not pretty much the same? We have sufficient means and resources. Life is moving at a good pace too. We’re running around from morning to evening and back again, but are devoid of the knowledge of what we want and where do we have to go.

There are only two roads – one, that appears good and the second that yields good. The first road looks sweet, attractive and comfortable. It shines brightly where it begins but ends in darkness leaving the traveler lamenting all alone. The second road appears difficult, rough and hard at the point where it begins. But as we proceed further on that hard road, we feel relieved— cool and calm.

The first road is a symbol of selfishness, the second of co-existence and understanding. It is in our ultimate interest that we should take the second road that yields good.

Many obstacles emerge in life. The lack of resources, the loss of co-travelers – these are a part of life. But we have to walk constantly towards our target. Sometimes, people don’t begin working just for the fear of the hurdles they might face. Others embark on their projects but abandon it as soon as they face
hardship. Very few people face the problems, defeat them and finish their tasks.

Sometimes, when we encounter a person who has done wonders in life, we hear people saying figuratively that when that man touches soil, it turns into gold. We see soil turning into gold, but we fail to see the will-power, determination, consistent effort and the focus of that person on his target. Those who never complain that they could not achieve what they wanted are the ones who cross fearsome valleys to conquer summits, they tear apart the sea to make way for themselves and for them the sky is the limit.

Targets have to be set as early in life as possible because, if this gets delayed, it becomes impossible to get out of the great muddle in which we’ve already placed ourselves and our children. So, act now and find the success you were always searching for your children.


1. Those who keep a keen eye on their target reach their 
    destination comfortably.
2. Every night when you go to bed, take stock of the steps 
     you took in the day towards your target.


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