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The ups and downs, highs and lows of the teenagers are mostly attributed to the fact that they are in a transitional stage of life. Try to call a teenager a child and the reaction might mortify you. Teenagers are not children! It’s taken them a long while to pass childhood and finally reach this so-important phase. They do deserve to be recognized and admired for the fact.


However, teenagers are also not full-fledged grown-ups, so they should not take upon themselves the responsibilities that fall under the bag of adults. In doing so, often the inexperience leads them into making wrong decisions that could cost them a lot in the course of their lifetime. Does this situation leave our teens sandwiched between here and there – basically nowhere? For the pessimist, yes! But for the dynamic, strong-hearted ones, this is just the beginning of the roller coaster ride.


Life belongs to those who know how to snatch joy from the winds and who else, but the energetic, effervescent adolescents could be more suitable to show that spirit? Indeed teenagers are the ones who are in the most gorgeous stages of their life. They are like the transparent crystals which when kept under blue light starts to shine a brilliant blue and when moved under red light appears sparkling red. Standing on the fork of the road with childhood on the one side and adulthood on the other gives this phase a strong advantage.


Having passed through the stage of being a kid, they know what it takes to be a child now and most teens therefore become sensitive towards children’s feelings. Most of them learn a lot from their experience as a child and then when they finally get a voice, they should not hesitate to stand up for what they perceive. They have the power to change the world and they should use that power with wisdom. 


Being at a point where they are about to enter the world of adulthood on the other hand, it also becomes easy for them to share their opinions with adults. They start to understand some adulthood problems. They become more capable of participating in mature discussions and understand serious topics. 


At this time of their life, teens should try to get acquainted with ways of the world and to find some wise means of tackling their anticipated problems. Teenage is one of the most wonderful times to live with courage, with enthusiasm and with a will to be the best. It is the only time when it is easy to intermingle with all age groups and to make the world your own!

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