I Want Peace

One day life came knocking at my door…



The wealth of emperors and kings, treasures and jewels – all seem dull in the presence of the luminosity and richness of the wealth of contentment.

No other joy is as precious as that of contentment. The peace and happiness found in the lives of people who are the proud owners of the wealth of contentment is lacking in those who run after money, name, fame and other worldly pursuits. The more they get, the more they want. Fulfillment of one want generates another.

There is no respite in their fulfillment. What is the solution then ?— Contentment. There’s no pleasure greater than contentment in the world.

An important secret is that only hard working persons get the joy of true contentment. It would be grossly wrong to confuse laziness or idleness with contentment. Work hard with all your heart and soul; and then be contented with what you get. Get to work again with full hope, with all your capacity, in the right manner and with complete austerity; and then think whatever you get is in your ultimate interest. Once you start feeling contented, all happiness starts coming to you. He who is discontented is poor. Once contented, who cares for poverty
or riches ?

There’s a couplet that means: “There’s freedom from want, freedom from worry; the mind becomes carefree; He who wants nothing is the king of all kings.” Spiritual gurus say,
contentment is the highest profit ;
contentment is the greatest wealth ;
contentment renders a long age ;
contentment is the worthiest pleasure.”

The children of a contented person are never dissatisfied or impatient. Nor do they resort to unfair means as they work resolutely and learn the art of being contented with whatever they achieve through their own efforts, dedication and the available means. To achieve more, they continue in their pursuits with full determination.

Inertness is not contentment. Contentment involves realizing your potentials and remaining always active in pursuing them; then, being contented with the result and moving ahead. The contented person never has any regrets; he moves forward at an unbound pace, does not have any grievance against anybody, is not jealous of anyone and most importantly, is never lazy. When one has experienced the pleasure of contentment once, then all other worldly pleasures seem inferior to him. He is always in peace and comfort. Observing your contented lifestyle, your children will also follow the same path and will acquire all those bright pleasures and good qualities which others are deprived of. The highest form of pleasure is attained through contentment, says Patanjali in his Yog Darshan. (Chapter II - sootr 42)


1. It is a great quality to be contented with your situation, 
    position and environment.
2. If you stay satisfied within your limits in the society, you will 
    receive coveted fame and honor.

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