I Want Peace

One day life came knocking at my door…




The world pulled me from all sides

When I wanted solitude

I feared a lifetime of woe and suffering

Wondered if this era would ever conclude

I tried to snatch smiles from tears

Virtues evoked my gratitude.


Everything seemed bad and scary

The vicinity looked cold and strange

The wind was dry, the stars were dull

Hope was totally out of range

The grey clouds, the rough seas

How I craved for a pleasant change!


I looked for a shoulder where I could

Rest my burning head

I wondered if anyone understood

A word of what I said

The silent streams rolled down my eyes

Sight was at heaven, hands were spread.


But I knew I had to be brave and bold

I looked for weapons to fight

Until I realised that I already had

The weapon of the greatest might

The gracious God had armed me with ‘faith’

That stayed with me day and night.


Faith that suffering was conferred by Heaven

Only on the fortunate few

Hardship is granted to a privileged bunch –

How to tackle pain those who knew

Faith that happiness and sadness means

That God is keeping His eye on you.

Indeed, when everything goes wrong

It is faith – deep faith – that pulls you through!

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