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The Limit of Wealth

Earn something that will go with you, something that will help you in the time of need.Today, money is considered not as a means but as an end. This is the reason we’re crazy about it. We seem to have forgotten that money is for us and not vice versa. We have to become masters of wealth, not slaves. If you earn with a hundred hands, give it away to the needy with a thousand.


A person, seeing lots of leaves and bits of scrap strewn on the road in the marketplace, picks them up, brushes and cleans them and puts them away neatly in his bag. The onlookers take him to be a madman out of his senses. But have we ever pondered over the true value of the Fixed Deposit Receipts and Bank passbooks that we have gathered?


Irrespective of our religion or thoughts, two things are certain – first, one has to depart from the world, come what may, and secondly, nothing whatsoever will accompany us.


Today we are striving to collect money with all our energy at the cost of health. Tomorrow we shall try to maintain this health through the utilization of this very money. But by then, it will be too late.


It has to be understood that wealth has a limit to itself. It can buy you a bed, but not sleep. It can buy you food, not hunger. It can buy you medicine, not good health. It can buy you a house, not peace. It can buy you things, not pleasure.


The disheartening fact is that today man has forgotten the amount of wealth he needs. The more he collects the more hollow his life becomes. His child constantly gleans this desire from his eyes. As the child grows up, he becomes thirsty for wealth himself and does not give a second thought about the mode of acquisition. He only concerns himself with the leveling of the void that he saw and learnt in your eyes.


If you want to see your child as a successful individual down the road, you must realize that the dazzle of money is fake and instead, try to fill your life with wholesome values.


To remember and to do:

1.                  Remember that wealth and happiness have no mutual relation whatsoever.

2.                  If you want to attain wealth, acquire the wealth of honesty, truth and benevolence.

3.                  Your family should have visible indications that you do not attach too much significance to wealth.

4.                  Don’t keep talking of money constantly and make it clear that money never lasts for long.

5.                  Don’t indulge in conversations highlighting that money will bring joy. The secret is that it wipes out the generosity of one’s heart and when present in excess, in fact, turns you into a pauper.


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