I Want Peace

One day life came knocking at my door…



Accolades to teachers,
they’ve never had trouble choosing
The sacrificing disposition to light the way for others;
A great role they have performed
indeed, in producing
Worthy intellectuals, outstanding friends,
fine mothers;

Kindling the unknown glory within the soul
Finding ways to make us successful and at peace;
This and much more, teachers endeavour
to do on the whole
Preparing us to face the rough storms with ease;

The Creator created us all potentially complete
In our own little ways we were meant to contribute;
Then inspired some to be teachers and set their feet
In the direction of “giving”; about “taking”
they didn’t give a hoot;

Leading from ignorance to knowledge,
from darkness to light
Teachers have performed wonders with minds;
Thanks to them, the world has reached
an unfathomable height
Greatly noble are these people, one of the kindest kinds;

I was taught numbers, alphabets and sounds
They taught me literature, biotechnology and math;
But more than that my teachers
taught me what counts
On the long-winding road,
on life’s most meaningful path.

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