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One day life came knocking at my door…


The Smile Givers!

A tree laden with fruits has no choice but to bend down in service!


Our hearts fill with compassion numerous times and at the sight of various things in the world. Abundant examples of selflessness can be found not only from the past but also in the present and will continue to be in the future.


We often hear however, of a selfless heart broken with the pain that it receives in return. After giving away all the love and sincerity that we have, we sometimes feel crushed by the way the world treats us. Often, kind acts are returned by cold looks, words of wisdom are paid off by sneers and jeers, sacrifices are greeted by ingratitude and selfless giving receives cynicism in return. What a petty outcome of such beautiful acts!


It is understandable that the ‘givers’ get frustrated and upset not once but several times during their lives. They feel like they’ve had enough and should give up. But imagine a customer service desk that decides to shut down forever because it has had a rough day! The desk has to be instead designed to bear rough days. Closing down is not even an option.


Selflessness is more than just customer service. It has no motive behind it except for compassion and care. It is not done in return for money or any other material object. It is done by people who understand the value of surrendering themselves just to bring comfort to others. To see someone smiling,, they readily give up their own smile. If that’s not enough, they even sacrifice their own desires to fulfill others’ dreams.


The ‘receivers’ on the other hand, seemingly not satisfied with the offerings of the ‘givers’, are often found to demonstrate feelings of not only ingratitude but also indifference and what’s more criticism. As if thirsty for the last drop of blood, they continue to put forth their demands. They seem to think that other people’s discomfort is not their job to consider.


In such a situation, we really can’t blame the ‘givers’ for feeling hurt and pained. We need to realize that the fault does not lie in the serving but in the acknowledgement. Thankless people can never lead these wonderful givers to stop their activities. The inner personalities of the latter are so superior, so fine that common drudgeries leave them unaffected in the long run, even if they hurt in the beginning.


All they have to do is to go inside their own strong shell of introspection. Thinking of the truly meaningful and blessed path that they are trudging on, they emerge out of their shells unscathed and full of energy to accept more challenges. The purity in their hearts, in their thoughts and in their actions is powerful enough to lead them from frustration back to enthusiasm. Their prayers yield them the strength and blessings that they truly deserve.


Our kindest Lord watching over us is devoid of all flaws. Thanks to Him, we still have emotions of giving, caring and sharing preserved in this world. The well-wishers are still the diamonds of the society and that’s why they are so few! The receivers are the ordinary, coarse rocks that lie strewn around everywhere. It is the diamonds that are and will always continue to remain precious, no matter how many hardships they have to go through! God, give us the strength to tower above the coarseness of this world and be like these sparking gemstones of the world.


Yadaashasaa vadato mey vichukshubhey yad yaachmaanasya charato janaan anu

Yadaatmani tanvo mey  virishtam saraswati tadaa prinad ghriten!


- Atharva Ved (7/57/1)

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