I Want Peace

One day life came knocking at my door…



Irrespective of the types of species, whenever the soul comes into the body, one fear always remains attached to the soul – the fear of death, besides some other fears that are inevitable in the mortal frame.

To get rid of the fear of death, one has to get rid of birth. It seems surprising but it can be achieved. Of course it is not an easy job. To achieve this one has to purify one’s knowledge, actions and prayers.

This begins with pure knowledge. As we know, knowledge is of two types – theoretical and practical. Theoretical knowledge is of course very important but not sufficient. Let us take a few examples. If anyone thoroughly teaches you how to swim but never lets you enter the pool, you will definitely be drowned when encountered with water. Similarly a soldier cannot become a shooter till he practices with a gun. All the techniques and the books will be useless unless he has a gun in his hands for practice. We have to work on the same lines.

All of us know by principle that God is one. He created the universe and has the capacity to destroy it. We also know that one should speak the truth, one should not have any sort of unhealthy attachment with anybody, one should lead a disciplined life, one should not deceive others, and that bribe is a bad practice. But all this knowledge of ours is limited to theory. We know that we should love God the most, but in practice we love our children/partner. Similarly we don’t hesitate in telling a lie when we find it hard to speak the truth.

The need is to be truthful with ourselves; to be truthful with others is a distant goal. You can never feel the warmth by touching the cold water. Similarly if you want to achieve happiness, then you ought to stop doing things that can never result in happiness.

Another mistake we commit is that we confuse the aim with the means to achieve that aim. We are more engrossed in the means than the real aim i.e. salvation. A person can reach his destination by car, but if he becomes more interested in the car than the destination and is not willing to leave it, how can he reach his goal? To attach with one thing you have to get yourself detached from others. So first it should be clear in our mind that that our aim is to achieve God and therefore, all other things i.e. the body, food money and other living and non-living things are the sources/means. These things should not be given priority over God.

If one stops giving undue importance to these means, then there would be no quarrel between brothers and no war in the world for a piece of land. If we start considering progress in terms of gaining true knowledge and by loving God instead of the comfortable Mercedes S-Class, then the world will become what it should be.

People think that God is a matter to discuss after the age of sixty. It is a well - known fact that if one wants to create his child’s interest in a particular field, one has to develop the habit of that particular interest in the child right from the beginning. Even then it is uncertain that he will be able to develop it. All children start practicing Mathematics at the age of three. Still, a lot of them fail to understand and grasp it even under the age of fifteen. Then how can it be possible to cultivate love for God after the age of sixty, without thinking of Him before that? If a multinational company wants young, energetic and enthusiastic people for their work then why should God be given aching bones and a languid body, leave aside the polluted, worldly mind.

I have seen lots of aged people badly indulged in their families even when their services are neither appreciated, nor required. Stop and think! It will indeed be a shocking and shattering moment, when by the end of life we will realise our mistake. By then it will be too late. We will feel helpless and no one will be there to rescue us. Not even God, because He helps those who help themselves!

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