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One day life came knocking at my door…



The other day, I was talking to my brother-in-law who is a student of one of the world’s prestigious institutes of Science and Technology. Conversation digressed to discussion about the different packages that he will be offered after finishing the courses he was undertaking. All of a sudden, an idea came to my mind to understand the word ‘package’ in more detail.


Now, how do you search for a word? Thesaurus! I started to look for synonyms of the word ‘package’ and among others, came across two interesting words – ‘settlement’ and ‘compromise’.


Going back to the conversation that I was having, my brother-in-law told me that during the tenure of his or her studies, every student has his entire focus on building a portfolio which can get him or her the highest possible package. Gone are the days when all you had to do was to score the maximum marks in your cumulative tests to get the best deal. Going through the syllabus is one small part of the whole preparation. You have to present papers, contribute in different projects, go for internships to various countries that had specialized departments or labs, should be capable of organizing big events like trade fairs along with being academically brilliant, of course!


He told me that one needs to exercise smartness while selecting the package. The student should be aware of the additional perks and accompaniments with the base salary and keep those in mind while making the decision. Some questions to consider would be: would medical/life insurance be covered; would the company be paying for transportation, mobile, gas, rent and any additional traveling expenses; would there be scope for professional development or training; what kind of bonuses would be offered and so on.


The whole conversation pushed me to ponder over another package – the ‘package of life’ – which is much more important than the job packages. I realized that most of us are working towards the inferior package among the two.


The constituents of the ‘package of life’ are blessings of parents, well-mannered offsprings, healthy lifestyle, having time for family, for yourself and for mental as well as spiritual upliftment. The perks involved in this package are good health, stress-free sleep, a natural and well-balanced lifestyle and overall contentment.


But how many of us are considering this package to be more important than the package offered by our jobs? We are ready to compromise everything for the sake of the ‘job package’. Undoubtedly, job package is also one of constituents of the bigger package of life. But it is not all! We always neglect all of the other constituents and focus only on one which results in frustration.


If in a test, you have to attempt five questions and you spend all of your time and efforts in answering one question only, no matter how perfectly you answer that question, you will not be able to pass the test. Similar is the case here. If you do not have time to listen to the experience of your parents and if you do not have time to play with your kids (remember we’re talking about playing with them, not giving them a ride to the soccer or to swimming classes); if you do not have time to talk to your life partner about something other than monetary issues or household problems – then you definitely are doing bad in terms of your ‘package of life’.


It is vital to understand the value of both these packages and to work to achieve the better out of both. Keeping in mind their importance and the extent to which each one is useful, we need to choose the superior to enhance the quality of our lives.

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