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TO EARN OR TO LEARN - That is the question !

The early years of life are the ones most often thought to be meant for studying and learning. After that it is considered to be time to apply all of that learning for earning!

However, I sometimes wonder: Isn't learning in itself a form of earning? The knowledge, experience and wisdom that one gathers through learning is something that has been permanently acquired and that will in fact, be one's asset forever.

Is cash flow the only form of earning that this world wishes to recognize? All that cash might be gone without a moment's notice if, God forbid, calamity strikes! And that is the time when the actual earning that was collected through learning will help one rise over and above the helplessness of time.

Never cease to learn even if it doesn't give you an opportunity to 'earn' in the material sense of the word. As the US philosopher George Santayana puts it: The wisest mind has something yet to learn!

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