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It has been observed that parents always have a lot of expectations from their children. For instance, they have clear-cut conceptions about the child’s activities prior to going to school, at school and after returning home. They want the child to unfailingly follow specific patterns of activities at bed-time and in the morning.

Why ?— so that they can rise. Rise where ?—in worldly life of course— in earning more and more money. But prior to such expectations I implore all parents to ask themselves honestly if they have ever tried to understand —
What does the child want ?
What mental turmoil is he going through ?
Why is he so quiet and reticent sometimes ?
What unanswered queries are lurking in his mind ?
What kind of mentality does he possess ?
How delicate his emotions are ?
What are his requirements ?

This way you will have better understanding of the mind and mentality of the child. You must also understand that the child too has certain dreams of his own that he wishes to realize.He doesn’t expect you to take him to the moon or the planet Mars! But yes, he does expect you to understand him, know him and listen to him. If the child wants to describe an incident he witnessed at school, listen to him just like a classmate.

Never preach at that time. If you listen with interest, the child will have confidence in you; he will feel close to you and will share everything with you thereafter.

If you will strive to know the child, he will confide in you with whatever is in his mind. You will thus become aware of what he actually wants and then you will be able to guide him properly. All this will yield very positive results. Everything that you wanted your child to understand all these years will be unfolded to him in a natural way. And the child will be pleased to act in accordance with his own will. Just make one effort to understand the interests of the child. Once you know them, you will be able to orient the child towards attaining success within a very short span of time.


1. Pay attention to every minute detail in the child’s life.
2. Keep pacifying his questions with the desired answers, irrespective of the number of times he asks.
3. Encourage his inquisitiveness and thirst to learn more.
4. Give the child your cent per cent undivided attention while talking to him.

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