I Want Peace

One day life came knocking at my door…


What's for real

Since it is nature’s law to change, constancy alone is strange!


The world is ever-changing. Full grown trees start out as seeds and then pass through various stages of development before reaching the final state. Not only this, but the final form also changes when the tree grows old and withers away.


Based on such changing characteristics of the world, some people have said that this world is a lie – a falsehood. To say that the world is constantly changing would be understandable but it cannot be called a falsehood! If it were indeed falsehood, there would be no sense in eating food, driving cars, studying or dealing with the world in any way!


But we all know that we need the world in order to survive. To feed this body, to attempt self-development, to gain knowledge so we can improve our mental strength and even to achieve salvation, we need the resources of the world. Things that we actually interact with are all true; they are a part of reality and not the result of any kind of self-visualization. Referring to the world as ‘transformational’ would however be correct as the world is getting converted from one form to another all the time.


Another analogy some people use is that the world is like a dream. To use such language in poetic form could be acceptable but as a principle, the statement is incorrect. This is because actions performed in dreams are not subject to any consequences. The tasks that we go about in this real world however reap corresponding results. Some consequences are granted to us by the worldly organization (e.g. imprisonment) and some are granted by God (e.g. next birth in an inferior species).


A soldier might fight in his dreams and save his country but a medal does not come on his chest until he is awake. Often we do things in our dreams and suffer no losses for our bad actions and no rewards for our good deeds. But once awake, we do receive rewards and consequences for whatever we do. This is the real nature of the world. Considering everything to be a dream is an escapist approach where we do not want to take responsibility for what happens.


A third misconception that people create is through the phrase “Truth is God”. It is correct that God is true i.e. is existent and is a reality but to say that truth is God does not make logical meaning. Truth is an abstract term while God is a reality – a real entity. Not only God, but the soul and this nature (the raw material of the transforming world) are also real entities. To address these as truth is a mere distortion of language.


It is important to understand the fundamentals in order to carry forth our development. These days everyone seems to be having an opinion about everything without having the requisite knowledge about anything. We believe whatever we hear without trying to assess the validity of the statements. Based on a little information, we formulate a humongous concept and attempt to find tricks and deceptive language to prove our point.


Rest assured that God is real; so is the world and so are the souls. The world however is transformational, is run by God and can give us only contaminated happiness. Real joy lies in the Ultimate who is an animate entity, guides and guards us all the time and is a perennial source of pure happiness.

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