I Want Peace

One day life came knocking at my door…



In this life, nothing comes for free. We have to make lots of efforts to achieve something in life. Jobs, houses, cars and all other resources come as a result of rigorous endeavours. Now the question arises – did we get this human birth ‘just by chance’ or was it a result of some efforts? Based on logical reasoning, we can deduce the conclusion that it must be the result of some of our actions.


The next question then, is – when did we make those efforts or perform those tasks? If we did so at some point of time in this life, then how come the result (in the form of birth) was given to us even before we performed the action? It would be unfair to give a basket-ball team a trophy even before it played the match. Then it is obvious that those efforts must have been made some time before this birth. This validates previous births and hence proves the rebirth theory.


Another derivation from the above statement is that nothing goes in vain. Whatever we do will have some kind of a consequence – whether positive or negative, good or bad. Therefore, we have to take full responsibility for what we are doing as we will be the prime bearers of the outcome.


The results of some actions or efforts are in our hands. For example, if we eat more than our capacity, we could end up with a stomach-ache; if we don’t dress up warmly for the winter, we might end up catching a cold.


Sometimes the results of our actions are in the hands of others. For instance, while interviewing for a job, we are not guaranteed the job only on the basis of our actions; the interviewer usually has the discretion.


 Then there are some rewards and consequences that are given by God. He can never disappoint you. He is never biased. He never discriminates. You may get cheated by the people around you but He never does that. He is just and fair because he is omniscient. He knows exactly what you do and that too with what intention in your mind. As we expect the best for us, we also have to do the best to get the same in return.


The key here is awareness. Awareness means the intellect to discriminate between right and wrong. Awareness is to have a clear vision about the purpose of the action and to have the capability to foresee its consequences. Aware is a person whose thoughts and actions are not influenced by others. An aware person should be strong enough to do that which is correct. He is the one who does not change the meanings of true definitions according to his convenience and circumstances.


All inventions and discoveries are made by those people who are aware. Lots of people have seen fruits falling from trees but they are in the ‘sleeping mode’. When Newton saw the same, he was in the ‘awareness mode’. So, he culminated his observation by discovering the force of gravity, which later on was going to be a basis for a lot of our scientific advances. Lots of people see thunderstorms and hide inside shelters but when Benjamin Franklin saw that, his aware mind started thinking how to make use of that spark and invented electricity – without which, life as we know it today, would be impossible.


If one becomes aware and vigilant, he is also deemed eligible in the eyes of God for his friendship. We all know that friendship can only be maintained between two like-minded people, so we need to raise ourselves to the level where we could qualify for close association with God. And once we achieve the support and love of the Supreme, we do not require any worldly support any more!


Yo jaagaar tam richah kaamayante

Yo jaagaar tamu samaanayanti

Yo jaagaar tamayam som aah

Tav aham asmi sakhye nyokah


                                                          - Rigveda (5.44.24)

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