I Want Peace

One day life came knocking at my door…



What brings us peace?   Deep inside us, we all know it. There have been times in each one’s life when we have felt good and comfortable and satisfied after having kept a clear conscience or having helped a needy or expressing contentment at our acquisitions.   My husband once returned a single day’s extra wage that he had received accidentally and the satisfaction of honesty makes him feel glorious even today. Virtues are rewarding in themselves. The employer was

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Some people believe that it is only the saints and truly spiritual people who need to study and understand the knowledge of scriptures and related books. On the contrary, the ordinary people with a lot of worries, tremendous amount of tensions, big and small troubles and depressions, are the ones who actually require the solace and dispassion that results from reading, contemplating and practicing the methodology of books like ‘Yog Darshan’. The sorrows and troubles in the world sometimes

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